I came home one day and noticed my casita had a layer of bees that was larger then a basketball on the outside wall. I googled all kinds of info to see what I should do as I figured I could get rid of them myself. WRONG. After looking at all the local pest control websites that said they could remove bees I called Coby. I called him first because his website talked about the bees and didn't try to convince you that the bees would kill you like the other guys websites advertised. I called on a Friday evening at like 6 or 7 PM and COBY ANSWERED the phone. We talked and he said he would be out the next day, Saturday, to take care of the problem. He showed up the next day, put on the bee suit and got rid of those buggers. It turned out they were the Africanized bees that are pretty nasty when you try to move them. (They really do attack you when you mess with them. The first wave made me run in  the house. Very aggressive little suckers).

After Coby was able to remove the layer of bees on the wall it turned out the construction people had left a LITTLE hole in the side of my casita that the bees used to start a nest. They could not have been there more then a matter of days but there were already several hundred bees hanging out. Not kewl.

After getting rid of the bees Coby plugged the hole and treated the area so the bees that were out of the nest would not hang around anymore when they came back.

GREAT job, reasonable price and Coby was a pleasure to deal with. For ANY pest problem i would give him a call for sure. FIVE star job.

Kent B. , Customer